America The Battleground - Katy Kane (Bella Vista, Arkansas)

America The Battleground - Katy Kane (Bella Vista, Arkansas)

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America The Battleground

Katy Kane (Bella Vista, Arkansas)

Acrylics, 24” W x 24” H


Artist Statement:

I have been working as a part-time professional artist for 10 years.

I painted six storm drain murals in three cities in Arkansas with messages to promote environmental awareness. I also have several private murals in client's homes that bring the space to life in a very personal way. I teach painting and origami classes at several public and private venues including Hope Cancer Resources and Reach Church. I worked in the past as an art therapy associate at St Luke's Presbyterian Hospital in Denver, CO, where I was honored to share art skills as a coping tool with long-term hospital patients. I specialize in pet portraiture and have a deep-seated passion for nature and flowers.


This piece is an exploration of the turmoil and pressure we face in America. The landscape is beautiful but the culture is not, and I don't know if it has ever been beautiful. As a white woman in America I was spoiled, my view was skewed and I did not, and probably never will fully understand the struggles that many people face but I seek to gain some understanding and explore the challenges of the many, many people that have been and continue to be oppressed in this country, as well as the ongoing environmental issues and violence that is ravaging this country. For about five minutes Covid brought us together but then the economic challenges it brought along with it seemed to polarize us even more. I don't like it, I don't like the fighting, the depression, the gun violence, the debt, the obesity, it feels like all the politicians are on the same side, against the people. They work together in secret to murder liberty for all, engineering fear to keep the people from revolting.

Part of the We're Doing It ALL Wrong® - 3rd Annual Art Exhibition