Blood Money I - Amanda Hudson (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Blood Money I - Amanda Hudson (Cincinnati, Ohio)

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Blood Money I

Amanda Hudson (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Mixed Media, 19.5” W x 25.2” H


Artist Statement:

I've always been drawn to the mystery of an image and how it tells a story. Asking the questions, "what, why, and how?" By using materials that can be manipulated through adhesive, paint, ink, charcoal and more-- I am given the opportunity to explore the layers of contrast. This layering produces a sense of exploration. Piecing together a work through image, material, color, and texture is one way that I am able to tell a story.

 I am trained in oil and acrylics, but I often find myself wondering what a painting would feel like if I added another element to it. Whether that be discarded receipts or old paper bags that are asking to be sliced up and pasted onto a surface, I am often seeing the potential in what was once rendered as "useless."

Everything has the opportunity to change.  By always changing and discovering something, I am allowing the mystery to have its own life and take on a story of its own.


One in every four Type 1 Diabetics in the U.S. have to ration their insulin. The price of this life saving medication has gone up by close to 800% in the last 15 years. By not taking enough insulin to manage the disease, many diabetics have suffered diabetic ketosis due to high blood glucose levels– caused by not enough insulin. Over the last three years, I have saved pharmacy receipts, blood glucose test strips, and pharmacy notes to make a piece of art that addresses this absurd problem in our country. By piecing together maps of various places in the U.S., I aim to drive the point home that the problem is here. Right here.

 A Type 1 already makes hundreds of decisions a day to manage their (my) health. Deciding if they (we) can afford to purchase essential medication or go hungry should not be one of those decisions we are forced to make. “Blood Money” addresses exactly that. The weight of it all can be overwhelming. At what cost is profit worth more than a person’s life?

Part of the We're Doing It ALL Wrong® - 3rd Annual Art Exhibition