American Moloch (After Uvalde) - Terri Frew (Houghton, Michigan)

American Moloch (After Uvalde) - Terri Frew (Houghton, Michigan)

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American Moloch (After Uvalde)

Terri Frew (Houghton, Michigan)

Collage with gilt, hand-made inks in an antique frame, 21” W x 27” H


Artist Statement:

I'm interested in the dark, the hidden, the transgressive, and unusual things in the world. Probing into these topics often leads me down an occult rabbit hole, with supernatural and esoteric themes resulting. Animals also play a considerable role in my artwork- both as a link to the natural world and as a metaphor for the human condition. Bears are an especially common symbol in my art. Particularly the mother bear, as she stands in for the duality of the divine feminine: nurturing and caring but also ferocious if provoked.

Like many artists, color and value are of interest on a symbolic level. The bold, matte hues I utilize are often offset by gilding. These gold additions are a reference to alchemical theory and the drive to turn the mundane into literal gold.

Finally, an affinity for craft and other 'low brow' techniques lie at the heart of my art practice. Like occult studies, these subjects have historically been considered lesser and unworthy compared to more mainstream pursuit.


Last May the world watched horrified as yet another senseless mass shooting occurred on American soil. Like many times before, it was children who were the victim of someone on a rampage with guns. In the USA, there are too many who worship at the base of this horrific idol, exchanging the blood of children for their hollow right to bear arms. What a horrible, needless sacrifice.

Part of the We're Doing It ALL Wrong® - 3rd Annual Art Exhibition