Culture Contrasts<br>by Sandra L. Frankel<br>(Rochester, NY)

Culture Contrasts
by Sandra L. Frankel
(Rochester, NY)

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Framed Photography

Climate Change is real and a major threat to our planet.  At risk are the health and well-being of people around the globe, impacting the health of all living things, economies, public safety, and national security. “Culture Contrasts” illustrate one aspect of the current crisis: side by side sit an industrial refinery and pleasure boats in Los Angeles Harbor. Slowly, we are transitioning from fossil fuel to clean energy and alternative transportation. This image conveys the sharp contrast between wind power for sailboats and the carbon emitting refinery for freeway dependent California cars and trucks. We have rejoined the Paris Climate Accords, and now the hard work of achieving the goal of a healthy, sustainable environment continues.


Protecting the environment, ending the Covid-19 pandemic, and addressing racism and discrimination are the major challenges of our time. The pandemic and scourge of racism have exacerbated income inequality and homelessness. Side-by-side sit an industrial refinery and docked pleasure boats in Los Angeles Harbor. They draw a stark contrast between the towering smokestacks that add to our carbon footprint and age-old clean, sustainable energy of wind that powers sailboats. As Artic ice rapidly melts, millions of acres burn more often, and climate migration increases, there are those who do not see Climate Change as an existential threat and instead deny science or put profits over people. But there is hope. Covid-19 vaccinations are underway. We are now talking openly about reforms to curb racism and address the causes of homelessness. We have rejoined the world consensus via the Paris Climate Accords. We can right these wrongs, but it will take political and personal will to do it.

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