DO YOU STRUGGLE by Briar Craig (Lake Country, British Columbia)

DO YOU STRUGGLE by Briar Craig (Lake Country, British Columbia)

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Briar Craig (Lake Country, British Columbia)

Hand-Pulled Ultra-Violet Screen Print, 22.5” W x 30.25” H


Artist Statement:

I have always made extensive use of text in my multi-layered screen prints.  I have used words and letters like pieces in a game often scrambling or otherwise jumbling them in order to create some confusion and to initiate a re-thinking of what the words might actually be saying.  Information is often jumbled, fragmented politically biased and therefore misleading. 

Increasingly, I have been using texts in a more socio/political manner (sometimes jumbled and sometimes not) as a kind of commentary on the current state of the world.  Given the divisiveness of the federal governments in Canada and the US, polarization and political unrest and the battle against systemic racism, and the current global pandemic, etc my work is attempting to provide the viewer with words and phrases for interpretation and reflection that will lay bare their own biases and personal points of view.


Hand-pulled screen print using ultra-violet cured ink. Printed in approximately 20 layers of colour.




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