Self Portrait: Enough! by Marie Corfield (Milford, New Jersey)

Self Portrait: Enough! by Marie Corfield (Milford, New Jersey)

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Self Portrait: Enough!

Marie Corfield (Milford, New Jersey)

Oil Pastel, 12” W x 18” H


Artist Statement:

My art is the culmination of all my experiences, thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, heartaches and triumphs. It is deeply personal, based on work I've done to heal old wounds and expose dark places. Some pieces are reactions to the world around me. While others represent the pure joy of expression. My work is the story of my life.

In addition to traditional drawing, I also work in collage and assemblage, incorporating found objects and symbolism that express the feminine both repressed and empowered. Everything from the 1960s Sunday dinners in A-lines, aprons and pearls of my childhood to modern day symbols of protest are found here.

They are all signs of life — my life — and maybe yours, too.


I created this piece in July 2018 at a week-long art educator’s conference at MassArt in Boston. It was the same week that then-President Donald Trump was attending a summit in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin where he held that disastrous press conference denouncing the FBI’s intelligence about Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. I was furious that someone who was supposed to be the President of the United States had sided with a sworn enemy against our intelligence agencies. I had been working on several portraits of family and friends from photos on my phone. I also had the photo for this drawing, having taken it several years earlier, but never found a reason to create from it—until that week. Since then, it has come to reflect my rage and frustration at the general state of the world.


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