We Will Not by Mark Fohl (Westerville, Ohio)

We Will Not by Mark Fohl (Westerville, Ohio)

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We Will Not

Mark Fohl (Westerville, Ohio)

Digital Inkjet Photograph, 20” W x 16” H


Artist Statement:

I am a long-time amateur photographer.  I do black and white photography with film, and color photography with digital technology.  All my photos are found photos.  Lately I have been shooting on a regular basis with friends.  We go out (somewhere, anywhere) on Friday mornings, and sometimes we do special events.  I look for quirky material, things that most people pass everyday, but really don't see.  I don't do much people photography, but every now and then, the situation demands it.

And I don't usually do messages, but I think there are subtle messages in each of these two works.


Protestors (?) at the 2020 Democratic debate in Westerville.




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